Security Elements Series

Another Security Notification

This is an emergency alert issued to you – the executive branch of your nation. The alert has been issued by a security council set up to protect you and the nation from potential catastrophes. Similar alerts have been issued in the past.

The security council has observed in neighboring nations several factors which have led to civil unrest, such as uprisings and insurgencies and other catastrophic failures.

As communication is a key to prevent such failures, it is proposed that a series of security elements be implemented immediately. Therefore, it can be said that this series is a crucial companion-series to the Immediate Action Drills series.

The Security Elements proposed will deal primarily with preparedness for future crises, especially financial crises.

The security council has found that, in large, many comparable nations suffer from poor financial stability and control.

Remember that, Our bodies are our nations. Therefore, the neighboring nations of which I speak are our peers and family members – our literal neighbors.

Several studies have discovered that few Americans have an adequate emergency fund, they lack proper insurance, and they have little-to-none in a retirement savings-plan.

These are all preparations for the coming Storm.

In this series, I will provide both insight on these threats to our nations and simple steps, or drills, to better protecting oneself from said threats.

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