Immediate Action Drills

Injustices and Corrupt Judges

Some people don’t feel like life is fair. They are paranoid Commanders who distrust their lieutenants, fearing betrayal, and keep a vigilant security detail with them at all times.

Adding an element of security is not only helpful but necessary for our nation’s future. But it is one thing to promote wisdom and frugality, and it is another to hoard our resources and rule with an iron fist.

The reason that we as Humans desire fairness and equality is, Because we desire balance within our Tribe.

The ability to comprehend fairness (what is fair and what is not) is an evolutionary trait in Humans…

This is not the same as right and wrong. This has less to do with the morality of a situation and more to do with maintaining balance within groups of people, and therefore promotes stability and accountability.

Stability and Control, Part 2: Eliminating Hypocrisy

We do not want to be the one to whom a lesser share is meted out, neither do we really want anyone else to receive a lesser share than that which they deserve. If someone participates in the Tribe’s activities, they deserve a share. The exception to this is when we feel threatened.

Elevated Threat Level

We have all felt spited and singled out. This evokes a sympathetic response from our nervous system, because in our past, if we received a lesser share, it meant receiving less food or inadequate shelter from our Tribe.

It would have been a matter of life and death to receive unjust treatment.

Therefore, when we are unjustly accused or treated with malcontent by others, we become disaffected with our Tribe and pull away. In our minds, It is better to be alone, relying on our own merits and strengths, than to be reliant on people who do not care about us.

As we move farther away from the Tribe, we will eventually incorporate into another Tribe, especially one with drastically different views and values than our home-Tribe.

Why do we become disgusted with the original Tribe? The trauma is from whence our new disposition comes from – it originates from an energetically-rooted imbalance – and exists to protect ourselves by distancing ourselves.

When we become angry or annoyed, we often seek comfort in being alone if no one is “on our side,” or we flee to someone who will commiserate with us. Either way, we begin to plot the downfall of the alleged persecutors, declaring them as enemies of the state!

We come Corrupt Judges ourselves if we use an injustice against us as evidence to condemn another.

There is a tendency for one who is victimized to become an assailant or predator themselves. There are innumerable examples of predators who also were preyed upon when young.

However, that is no excuse.

Instead, when you are attacked, refuse to label yourself a victim. When you are a victim, you become weak and sometimes, you consider yourself deserving of the attack. It is a vicious process: first born of anger and resentment (it was not fair), you had no one to protect you, you were alone (now you will be alone forever), it is everyone else’s fault (they do not understand), maybe they were right (I deserved it).

Peace brings a perfect fairness. But to attain Peace, you must be willing to fight against injustice. Begin Preparing for War by Taking the High Ground.

Immediate Action Drill

This is more of a long-term drill, which will take diligent efforts.

Cease all inner-dialogue following a slight or an offense made against you. When you are singled out or unjustly accused, accept the injustice but realize that you are not, in fact, guilty. Despite what anyone else believes, you remain Free.

Do not review the conversation in your mind all day or into the next day. Let it go.

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