Immediate Action Drills

Misfires and Catastrophic Failures

It is one thing to anticipate and even appreciate personal shortcomings or failures. When we fail, we learn. We can feel the bitter sting of defeat and hopefully, we should never want to feel that again, which becomes an accelerant for the Destructive Light inside us.

But there are types of failure from which there can be no recovery – paths you should never venture down, lest you become lost forever.

One such potentially catastrophic failure is failure to maintain a relationship with a spouse, family member, colleague, or good friend. These relationships are so powerful that, when damaged or unhinged, they can become incredibly difficult to mend.

But there are other reasons for poor relationships (with the body or with others) and one of those reasons is coarse dialogue in the past, and now the relationship is damaged or stunted – unable to progress further.

Coarse dialogue often happens when we are either preoccupied, irritated, or experiencing pain ourselves.

Building Relationships 101

As stated above, the offending party may also be in pain. Therefore, if we find ourselves on the receiving end of coarse dialogue, we should be quick to show compassion and forgive others their trespasses, or miscommunications.

Clearing the Chamber

In a recent post, I invited you to perform a unique “gibberish” meditation. It can be very useful for breaking down barriers you have placed on yourself and those imposed upon you by society. It can dissolve the censorships with which you have been shackled.

The same meditation can also achieve what I call, clearing the chamber. When a firearm malfunctions, it is necessary to clear the firing chamber of any obstacles. Likewise, when we experience a failure to communicate, we must clear the chamber so that we can continue safe, effective communication in the future.

This is a perfect example of a physiological issue rooted energetically – the reason you cannot repair the damaged relationship is because you are rigid and locked-up by past trauma or false perceptions i.e. miscommunication.

Continuing the gibberish meditation can help you overcome certain obstacles and can prepare you for the conversations you will need to have.

Yes, you will need to speak – to communicate – in order to clear the chamber and resolve damaged or compromised relationships.

Immediate Action Drill

It is your turn to clear the chamber. This is probably going to be the hardest thing I ask you to do in this or any other series.

You need to talk to that person.

You know who it is, but you may want to reflect on the timing of your attempt to re-establish communication. But I would encourage you to not wait too long, lest time runs out.

There is no one day in the final quarter of life in which we can do all of our work. It must be meted out at a steady effort.

Lost Souls

Call and talk to someone you have not spoken to for a long time, because of some kind of miscommunication. Prepare yourself to hear some hard things, and take ownership!

A few pieces of advice for the execution of this drill:

  • Dictation is a lower form of communication. 2-way communication is the only acceptable method for clearing the chamber. Review Communication.
  • You must relate with the person to achieve compassion. Mere empathy is not enough. If you have not relieved everyone else in the situation of blame, you are not compassionate.
  • Ultimately, remember that everyone has their own Free Will. This drill may not fully restore the relationship. It may take consistent efforts, and sometimes you may feel like making that weekly call is just going through the motions.
  • Finally, I believe it is important to Allow for Success (read this entire post).

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