Immediate Action Drills

Safe Spaces

It seems to me that most people would rather feel safe than be safe.

Years ago, I read an article in which an intelligence officer was quoted, saying, You cannot see something, say something when you’re looking down.

…Down at your phone, was the implied meaning.

The article delved into the social and security implications that arise with the constant use of mobile devices in our culture.

The theory was that, If you are engrossed in watching that Tik Tok video, you may not notice the suspicious activity around you. And, if everyone in a restaurant is doing the same, Who will say something?

Living in a Simulation

When we view the world through any lens, we have lost some perspective. Admittedly, we may gain perspective through a certain lens, but to watch the world around us exclusively through a lens is unwise.

Whether it is a lens of media or an ideology, we should spend more time in the real world instead of watching a simulation.

The screens we use – phone, television, and computer screens – are mere simulations. They are not windows. They are limited in their scope and thus we are not seeing the whole picture. Rather, we are only seeing what the framer wants us to see.

This also results in our inability to respond to Real Threats.

I had a discussion with my brother the other day in which I posed the question, Do you think that the rising generation (who has unlimited access to violent video games, movies, and even live-streams of real-world violence) would be more acclimated to fighting in a war?

Would they suffer from the same shock as previous generations who never experienced anything like that, simulated or otherwise?

Pretty much immediately, I realized that the answer was No. This is because the violence, even real-world violence, viewed through a lens (or a screen) is a mere simulation.

Watching a POV live-stream of an active shooter firing rounds into living humans will not Prepare someone for real threats.

Self-centered Self-censorship

Viewing the world through a lens also lulls us into a state of carnal security – we only have to see what we want to see.

If something offends us, we can simply report it and it disappears from our view – we effectively lose a perspective – but, Does it really disappear?

No. It is just veiled by a False Flag. It is a deception, which targets our senses. Our senses are crucial to obtaining perspective, which is a precursor to taking Ownership.

All of this results in a lack of quality communication, which is one necessary component in building a retaining a team, or a Tribe. When we choose to silence someone based on what we believe or what we do not believe, we are exposing ourselves to potential attack.

An elevated position will give you the perspective you need to achieve Victory. Always take the High Ground. Don’t bury your head in the sand.

Immediate Action Drill

The following meditation will require that you have a space in which you are comfortable. But beware creating Safe Spaces in which you cannot grow.

The first stage of this meditation will take ten minutes. You will speak gibberish, non-stop for the entire ten minutes. Do not raise your voice – simply babble. Your mouth will begin to feel tight, but that’s normal. Use your tongue to Create new noises – when you are struggling, don’t fall back into a pattern that is comfortable.

At the end of ten minutes, launch into a state of catharsis for two minutes.

Scream, shriek, howl, beat your fists and stomp your feet on the ground, a yoga mat, or into a pillow. Do not suppress your screams with the pillow. Do not close your eyes. Laugh and weep dramatically. Do not use your body more than necessary. You should not jerk or sway – this exercise is primarily channeled through your mouth, eyes, hands, and feet.

At the end of the two minutes, lie down on the ground very still for one minute and breathe diaphragmatically – in through your nose and out through your mouth. Ensure you are filling your belly with air by placing one hand on your stomach and the other on your chest, and make sure that you are not breathing only into your chest (shallow breathing).

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