Immediate Action Drills

The Spark of Creation

Some may not know why we are doing Immediate Action Drills. They may not necessarily agree with the methodology or practices I have put forward. They want to know why they should meditate, journal, or study.

They have disregarded what they assume to be the “fluff,” the “extra,” the “unneeded.”

Recently, Jocko Willink exhorted the listeners of his podcast to, Never turn your back on something.

You should not discard a particular preparation just because you believe that you won’t need it. The fact of the matter is, You don’t always know when The Storm will arrive. You won’t always be able to anticipate the enemy’s position along The Warpath.

We strive to know the enemy’s location. We look forward, to identify from whence the Storm comes. But we cannot know everything. After all, there are no predestined outcomes in life. To believe otherwise would be to refute Free Will, upon which Immediate Action Drills rely – your ability to act, to fight and Create.

Cut Your Teeth, Not Corners

The way we use our time is very important. We can spend it anxiously hoping that others will conform to our own standards, even dictating to them how they should conduct themselves, or we can seek self-acceptance.

We can use our time to either create or destroy.

“There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.”

– Aldous Huxley

We must work to refine our daily schedules and routines. Like the refiner’s fire, we must cleanse our days of impurities. What is fire if not a kind of Light?

I believe there are two ways we spend our time: cutting corners and cutting teeth.

To cut corners is to rush through this mortal life, barreling down the Warpath with our blinders on. Believing that we are “bypassing” some unnecessary element of life, or “life-hacking,” we can Run to our Deaths.

Or, we can cut our teeth. We can linger upon the Warpath, not to wage bloody war but to rebuild where we have destroyed. We can refine certain skills, meet certain people, and Create something that will last.

Cutting corners is a misinterpretation of Victory. Material things are naught but dust. Experiences are those things that will last.

(At the end of the Warpath) Behind you, there will either be a scorched path full of vengeful children, or those children will be praising your name, and Victory will be achieved.

First, you must Prepare for your Journey. To do so, you must know where you are going.

Furthermore, Cling to success, express gratitude for it. Failure is the stink on you. It should remind you of something you never want to experience again. Wash it off to Become Clean.

Cut out the excuses (apply the antidote), don’t cut corners.

We also have to be reminded of the Self – we exist. But the fact that we exist (we were created) denotes the idea that someday we won’t. We have to use time wisely.

Ask yourself, Can I go farther? And answer yourself with a resounding yes.

Immediate Action Drill

There is a practice I would ask you to implement. Full disclosure: this one is hard.

Go buy a small notebook that you can keep in your pocket. I would normally allow you to use a mobile device for note-taking or journaling, but I believe you should have something tangible in your pocket that you cannot forget about amidst the apps on your phone.

Hector Lamarque is a multi-million-dollar sales leader, and the time management system he uses can be a total game changer for you.

Keep an hour-by-hour accountability journal.

At the end of each hour of the day, open the journal and write what you did for the last hour – write everything, be totally accountable to yourself.

Either you will be happy with how you used your time, or you will smell the stink of failure. If you failed, that’s OK! The next hour is the time to Become Clean.

At the end of the day, below the hourly check-ins, record what you Created that day. This can be a relationship you developed or began, a new experience you were able to have, a skill you refined…Anything that will last.

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