Immediate Action Drills

Viene una Tormenta!


The last scene of The Terminator (1984) is the perfect similitude of the chaos and order we experience throughout our lives.

Sarah Connor drives down a dusty road speaking into a microphone recorder to her unborn son, the future savior and leader of mankind. She contemplates how much she should tell him, and resolves that she has to tell him everything – to prepare him.

As her jeep is filled up with gas – a full tank: also a preparation for a long journey – she hears a young boy exclaim in Spanish, “Viene una tormenta!” which is translated in the film as “a storm is coming in.”

She says, “I know.” and drives toward the ominous storm clouds rolling in on the horizon.

Relative to the approaching temporal storm, Sarah understands that a greater, more devastating storm is coming: the nuclear war and subsequent near-annihilation of the human race – Judgement Day.

Remember that, Whatever resistance we face is relative to our own preparation for said resistance.

Now is the Time to Prepare

I have spoken of a coming Storm as well.

In a recent podcast from Jocko Willink, he described life as “total war.”

We have to be prepared for a long, grueling conflict which will include all manner of warfare: psychological, biological, and nuclear warfare in the air, on land, and sea.

There is no place on earth that this violent tempest cannot reach. There is no one on earth that has not experienced this opposition: resistance.

That being said, no one can claim ignorance.

Anticipate resistance. Prepare for it. Decide now to prepare. The religions of the world foretell of a Judgement Day, a moment that signifies our time is up. There cannot be anymore done at that Day than in the days we are given here and now.

Your procrastination will not only forestall results in this life, but may carry over into the lives on those who come after you. Remember who is counting on you.

Immediate Action Drills

This new series of posts will provide concepts pertaining to discipline and leadership.

But it will also include a drill in each post. They will be important for you to progress in becoming more disciplined and taking Ownership.

Many of these drills relate to both physiological and energetic mobility.

Immediate Action Drill

Incorporating musculo-durability concepts into your morning routine is important for optimal range of motion. We must be able to move – it is how we tell our story.

Elliot Hulse, a mentor of mine, whose work I cite on this blog often, provided a daily Charge and Ground stretching routine that you should experiment with this week, either in the morning after hydrating or prior to your workout.

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