Counterinsurgency Series

Logistics: Meal Prep and Scheduling

A war requires soldiers and combat leaders.

Both soldiers and their leaders require continual training, and familiarity with the types of terrain they will encounter as well as the equipment they will need to use.

This training should be delegated to combat leaders (the nervous system).

The chief responsibility of the Commander, however, is to provide the troops with access to the equipment they need to be effective in their jobs.

Various support elements must be provided, this we know.

Alas, there are logistics which require the broad view of the Commander.

I have also taught you that the muscles and organs of the body do not know what your goals are. They have no idea what is really happening beyond the borders of the nation. All they know is they are told by the neurological communication from the brain.

Take the perspective of a military leader. His has an eternal perspective, or at least very long-term perspective. In the midst of the battle, he sees the national end state, or the nation’s best interests.

– Commander’s Intent

Because of the lack of perspective at the ground level, it is necessary for you as the Commander to make the right decisions with regard to the following logistics:

1. Design and Development First you should create a plan – preferably a written one – which outlines your day-to-day. (See The Storm)

2. Acquisition and Maintenance Construct a morning routine with an emphasis on personal development: visualization, meditation, and fueling the body.

Do not let poor logistics cause you to fail. You should meal prep and keep healthy non perishable snacks available at home, at the office, and in your car.

Chronic sympathetic states occur especially when the body receives inadequate nutrients day after day. (See Sound the Retreat)

3. Disposition of Materiel Use free time throughout the day constructively: reading, journaling (documenting), goal setting, and creating.

There is no exact prescription I can give you for what to do and how to spend your time. Simply ask, “What do I want, and what am I willing to do to get it?”

4. Field Operations Completely understand all risk/reward aspects: what is worth your time and money, and what is not.

5. Rest and Recuperation Engage with family in evening-time rituals: bathing, storytime, talking, and intimacy with your partner.

Often, these are neglected much to the canker of our bodies and our minds. For what is a Man without a family?

6. Aquisition of Furnishings or Services Invest money in highest quality food and knowledge – everything you ingest/take into your body whether it be your belly, your eyes, or your mind.

Consider hiring professionals who can support and educate you.

7. Ultimately recognize yourself as the lodestone upon which all rests or, the game piece with which the game is played.

Contracts and Corporate Affiliations (revisited from the Victory Series)

As stated above, “Completely understand all risk/reward aspects: what is worth your time and money, and what is not.”

Beware entering into contracts, whether they be on paper or verbal, which bind you to the service of another.

Of all people, readers of this blog should know to avoid potential tyrannies.

An army which has many corporate affiliations becomes a Slave Army, bound to the cycles of the world economy. Supply and demand will make your army a juggernaut, relentless in its unceasing conquests – this is a distorted Cause, a bloody Warpath.

Furthermore, guard your time and how others dictate your schedule. One of my mentors, Elliot Hulse, once taught me that your career or job should be aligned with your own values.

Quit Your Job and Train! (This is an older video, so pardon the video quality – but the content is gold!)

If you must sacrifice one of the above logistical necessities for a paycheck, you have already lost the war we are all fighting.

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