Counterinsurgency Series

Stability and Control: Going Through the Motions

You may be saying, Kevin, you’ve already talked about control in the Command and Control Series!

I have. But just because we are now in control, it doesn’t mean an insurgency cannot take root. And that is what we are doing – preventing insurgencies, rebellions, and coups.

So we must maintain control. How? Simple: provide stability.

Training the peripheral nervous system improves balance and stability. Stability is the body’s ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

…to achieve this stability, the body and its many different systems must be able to communicate with one another – one nation, undivided.

– Patterns of Behavior

A key to consistency is communication. Everyone has to know what they should do, and everyone has to know who is in charge (You are, by the way).

Communication in the body is inhibited by dehydration, muscular imbalances, and stress. (Follow the links to eliminate these insurgents)

Consistency: A Pattern of Behavior

Now, I am not a neuroscientist. But let me break it down for you.

When we perform an action, whether it is bending down to pick up a kettlebell or turn a door knob, or pull out our keys to unlock the door, neurological signals are traveling from our brains to our muscles, causing them to contract.

This is why I use the metaphor of muscles being soldiers and ourselves being the Commander – we give orders and the muscles carry them out.

Well, each time that neurological signal travels through the body, it creates grooves. Basically, by performing an act again and again, it becomes easier for the brain to communicate with that musculature.

This is why we have poor coordination when trying to perform a task we have never done before, and then become proficient at it over time.

It’s pretty clear to me that the best way to achieve your goals is to just do the thing and it becomes easier to keep doing.

Please watch this clip from Jocko Willink’s podcast about GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS!


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