Counterinsurgency Series

Growth Capacity: Setting Realistic Expectations

Remember, you are not at war anymore. You are engaged in a Counterinsurgency!

After the war ends, [the Freedom Fighter] knows he will not be needed as a Commander. Of course, in wartime, he knows he must fight – he must set boundaries, push his soldiers to excel, and make hard decisions which benefit the greater good sometimes only he can see…

The freedom fighter refrains from retaining his position of power. He is not trying to start another war. Otherwise he would be a tyrant.

Yes, the war is over. And yes, there may be some fighting ahead, but a you are on the path to becoming a Diplomat King.

The Diplomat King can do things the Freedom-fighting Commander cannot. He can form alliances and stimulate the economy – after your own war (your workout), you can begin recover through hydration, sports nutrition, and sleep.

– (previous excerpts) Freedom Fighters

You have a nation to nourish and sustain. This can only be done when the nation is made stable. Imagine, your body has been at war with itself for much of your life. You have suffered from chronic sympathetic states, starvation,  and tight and tonic muscles.

You have felt pain. But now it is time to heal.

Developing a Strong Economy

A strong economy will be required for the long, healthy lifespan of your nation. But, what is actually possible with your current population? Are they educated? Are they trained in practical skills?

The citizens of your body are your muscles and vital organs, but they have been at war for a long time – it may be all they have ever known.

First, you must provide jobs!

Wholesome employment for your veterans allows them to be reincorporated into society. It will give them a new mission – a purpose.

What am I actually talking about? You must have goals – all kinds of goals: health and fitness goals, spiritual goals, relationship goals…

Next, you must educate them.

Knowing how to use a M16 rifle is going to help a veteran get a job like your latest personal record in the gym is going to help you make things right with that person. Provide appropriate education and training for your body – your muscles and your mind.

You educate yourself in this way by spending time with people you care about, and serve others selflessly.

Allow for Success

Most importantly, Set realistic goals and allow for success.

Allow yourself to succeed, and you will see yourself in a new light.

So often – and we see this in businesses – so many expectations are set, so many goals are put on the board, and since very few people can achieve them all, they are never acknowledged for what they do achieve.

Give yourself recognition for what you have done right.

Furthermore, you must not fall back into tyrannical behavior. Give your body the rest and nourishment it needs daily! Sound the Retreat!

This also means, when you do get outmaneuvered and fail, don’t be so hard on yourself. Look at all the wonderful progress you have made so far on your journey.

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