Counterinsurgency Series

Harmless Memes

Last month, social media feeds were flooded with side-by-side comparisons of profile pictures. It was called the “Facebook 10-year Challenge”, choosing the user’s first profile picture and setting it alongside their current one.

Relative to the vast quantity of disparaging content which we suffer on social media, it is safe to say that this short-lived meme was pretty harmless.

Conspiracy theories abound, however, claiming that the alleged user-created meme was in fact a data mining operation by Facebook, and possibly government agencies who wish to develop facial recognition software.

Such theories would suggest that we are hapless servants to corporations and governments, oblivious to the underlying dangers of technology and our immersion in it.

Our Fascination with Transformation

The internet challenge reached its peak during the second week of January. It is not surprising to me that it was so popular during the time of year in which people are focused on transformation.

It was a time of year during which people are apt to say, New Year-New Me. Goals are set for weight loss or body transformations, education or professional growth, and relationships. We desire to do better this year than last, and we hope we are doing much better this year than 10-years ago.

Rooted in hope is our fascination with transformation – we hope to do better and be better.

However, there is a danger present in the kind of behavior we saw on social media: going with the flow.

When we do whatever we see other people do, we effectively lose our freedom. Remember that our muscles are our soldiers – we have recruited them to a Cause we believe in. Don’t let your soldiers get recruited by the enemy!

Media Ops

We perceive the world through a lens of media. It is a distorted perception veiled in false flags and operated by insurgents and traitors. Some of these are within our bodies, which I call rogue states, and some are outside ourselves, fake friends and fake followers.

– Tales Tales and White Lies

I’m not trying to be cynical. I only hope that we are not being controlled by tyrants – whether they are the tyrant inside our own minds, tyrants in our homes or circles of influence, or tyrants on social  media who have ulterior motives.

Media is a powerful tool in a Counterinsurgency. However, if you do not utilize it, the enemy will!

I would suggest reviewing an excellent post (no bias here!) published in the Mission Briefings. It draws upon the imagery of idolatry we see in the fitness industry. Use it to avoid be controlled!

ISIS was very effective at recruiting through social media. It was because, when we see only through a lens, we only see what the framer wants us to see. We do not see the Big Picture.

I believe it is crucial to our safety and our progress (I am talking about both our fitness and our health) that we always know the facts – the Big Picture. The best way to protect oneself from falling for tale tales and white lies (becoming controlled by media and puppeteers), is to explore and experiment yourself.

That is what I have done. I have experimented with many different modalities and programs, and I choose what I find to be valuable and continue those things until they no longer provide results. This is what I mean when I say, Avoid a dogmatic approach in all things.

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