Counterinsurgency Series

Domestic Policies: Tyranny at Home

Tyranny can come upon us from people we least expect.

Obviously, we would not expect Tyranny from within ourselves but nonetheless we experience it (Fighting Rogue States).

We are also often oppressed by family and friends.

Our fitness and nutrition goals can be deemed unimportant and even vain or unrealistic. Unhealthy foods can be brought into our homes and our wills can be tested. We have to prepare ourselves for these things, lest we succumb to the tyranny of others.

Close Quarters Combat

I remember, years ago I was following Zuzka Light and her ex-husband Fredrick. She continues to create some of the best fitness content on YouTube and Instagram, so check her out!

Fredrick wrote a blog post with the title: How to Deal With Friends and Family. It covered four “scenarios” that individuals may experience when they begin a fitness and nutrition program.

The entire spectrum is covered, from amiable family members and housemates, to open hostilities.

Anyone who has ever lived with someone they did not get along with knows that the environment can become unbearable and toxic.

It starts to get nasty – they bring home deep dish pizza’s and make fun of you for eating your chicken salad. You might hear from those around you that there is nothing you can do about your body shape because “that is just the way you are” and you “might as well accept it”.

How to Deal With Friends and Family

While this is at the utmost extreme, it is possible that you will experience a level of resistance from those closest to you. And when things get tough, you may ultimately decide it’s just not worth it.

But it IS worth it! You’re just going to have to fight for it! After all you are a Freedom Fighter, aren’t you?

Establishing a Perimeter

Establishing a perimeter means you are in control of yourself and your environment. It means, No one can impose their will upon you. You are free. Or at least, as long as your perimeter is secure.

We all have our own values – things we believe are important. And unfortunately there are those who will try and impose their warped values on us. We can prevent this intrusion by setting boundaries with others.

Establishing a Perimeter: Setting Boundaries

Establishing a perimeter does not have to be an aggressive act – it can be a declaration of freedom. Begin by communicating your goals and desires to those you live with and spend time with.

And then, stop talking about them. Just do the things you know are right. Hostilities will generally only arise when you become an evangelist and others feel threatened by your beliefs, because they fear that you are judging them.

Set them at ease – let them know you are doing this because you believe it is important for you.

Furthermore, understand that your habits will make or break your goals. As mentioned in the first post in the Counterinsurgency series, we must break bad habits by maintaining Overwhelming Dominance.

Dominate all areas of highest strategic importance! Specifically, your nutrition.

Break Your Bad Habits

Battles occur at the front line and the front line is populated with soldiers. Overwhelming Dominance is done by recruiting first, or raising an army. Generally, the army with more soldiers wins.

When it is not merely a numbers game, implement tactics!

Documentation makes things tangible and real. Create a written battle plan, or daily schedule for when you will workout and when you will eat. Do not justify lapses in your schedule once you have put pen to paper.

You can also utilize technology – calorie counting apps, fitness challenges from YouTube or Instagram. They are plentiful and never-ending.

Change up tactics when necessary. Is the enemy’s position too heavily fortified? Do you suffer from toxic relationships? Find a way out.

Do not stay in a bad situation. Implement a new strategy.

– The Warpath

When all fails and you believe Victory is impossible, remember who is counting on you.

We will all inevitably make mistakes – we get outmaneuvered. When this happens, we must become deliberate again in our training.



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