Support Elements Series

Eternal Alliances: Intimacy

I invite you to turn your thoughts back to Adam and Eve as the first mortal relationship on Earth. Adam chose to follow the woman Eve into the wilderness even though there would be trials. He chose to remain with her showing his commitment to that relationship.

They formed an alliance with one another. Their expulsion from paradise was the consequence. But united, Adam and Eve began their own path.

Theologically, Adam and Eve did not abandon God in the Garden. They continued to hold dear to the higher order goals which would lead them back to His kingdom. 

Before alliances can be made, there needs to be trust. We need to be honest with ourselves when we begin the Warpath but we also need to be honest with others if we hope to travel it unalone. A commander waging war alone risks losing their Vision at best or becomes a selfish tyrant at worst

Eve came clean with Adam that she had transgressed and partaken of the forbidden fruit. Adam had to come clean with God that he had followed suit. For Adam and Eve, as well as the whole human family, honesty set the tone to allow for intimacy.

Intimacy is a powerful tool to develop long-term, even eternal relationships. But it also makes us vulnerable which can cause anxiety. Afterall, we want to feel protected on the battlefield. 

On the battlefield of love, it helps to let down our walls and invite people in.

Every human has basic needs. Mazlow’s hierarchy of needs demonstrates this. As you can see, intimacy follows closely behind those needs.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs, scalable vector illustration

When we do not have our needs met, we cannot so easily extend the support and intimacy required to nourish a relationship long-term. It is not always someone’s fault that relationships become strained in times of want and need. 

Battlefield Betrayals

Most betrayals do not begin with infidelity or outright deceit. It begins with compromising the trust upon which the relationship is founded. Our true enemies attempt to disguise these attacks by telling white lies.

When we discover the truth behind someone’s intentions or discover we have Fake Friends, the relationship we thought existed vanishes and this can result in pain which leads to the antithesis to intimacy which is eternal hatred. Beware the tendency to become a victim. You still have a choice how you will respond to your trials.

Jammed Communications

Remember that the greatest blow an enemy can strike is to sever our ability to Communicate with our allies. 

The immediate action drills series is specifically designed to improve your ability to communicate effectively. 

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