Support Elements Series

Armored Divisions: Strength and Hypertrophy

Part Five of the Support Elements series.

In my call to arms at the beginning of the Command and Control series, I discussed the “All or Nothing” Law of muscular action.

To expound on this concept, I want you to start looking at your muscles for what they are: force producers.

They are also called “Motor Units,” which consist of muscle fiber, and the recruitment thereof is essential to accomplishing mission objectives – whether they be lifting a barbell, climbing stairs, or reaching for the gallon of milk with the latest expiration date.

Let me be completely clear: the greater the motor unit (the bigger the muscle), the greater force can be produced. It’s really as simple as that – you need bigger muscles so that you can perform more demanding work.

Mechanized Infantry

By developing armor, or muscle mass, you are supplying your ground level troops with both protection and firepower that would normally be too cumbersome to carry on foot.

Tracked vehicles also allow greater mobility across complex or rough terrain – meaning, Stronger, more durable bodies, can perform with greater explosiveness and coordination when necessary.

It should be noted, however, that greater force producers require greater nutrient intake.

  1. Hydration is only one, albeit crucial nutrient for muscle strength.
  2. Our joints must also be protected by fats and other nutrients that come from a balanced diet.
  3. Larger muscles also require more time to repair and recover. Recovery methods include sleep, stretching, massage, and heat.

Everybody Out!

I’ve never put a disclaimer in my posts, but here goes!

Heavily muscled bodies seem to have armoring, but if rogue states develop within the nation, those powerful muscles can be short and tonic – they become operated by insurgents, spies, and traitors.

– False Flags, Part 2: Weight Loss Lies

Armoring the body seems like a good idea, but greater force production can cause imbalances if you lose perspective. And, a true Commander always retains an eternal perspective – he can see the national end state in all his actions.

The national end state (your long-term goals) should always be supported by longevity concepts.

Furthermore, if armor divisions are overrun and seized by the enemy, it is important to remember that rarely can you meet heavy armor head-on in combat. Indirect tactics are necessary.

In many cases, the muscle in which you feel pain is not the insurgent. Seek for which muscle is responsible for pulling on it, and address the rogue state you find. You may also discover that there is an energetic (psychological) weakness or imbalance causing the physiological pain.

Armor can be a protection. But, What good is a suit of armor that is full of holes? Stay deliberate in your strength training and bodybuilding endeavors. Even a small fire within the hull of a tank can kill the entire crew.

Don’t leave your soldiers to die!

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