Command and Control Series


As a Watchman on the tower, I want to warn you of a danger perhaps outside your field of view – out of your control.

You see, You are being controlled by an external force. It is not a part of you. But it is also not unseen – you see it all the time: when you wake up and turn off your alarm, when you check your email, when you sign into Facebook, when you drive to work…

You are being programmed.

Unknown to you, the decisions you are making are not always your own. Someone is making them for you, leading you down a strange path.

I’ve said it before, we generally know what is good for us, we know what we need to do – we just don’t do it.

Why? I’ve come to believe it is (at least, partially) because of that old tyrant we know so well. The tyrant within has joined forces with advertisers and media.

You are becoming aware, but neither your mind nor your body is recruited to the Cause. However, you can begin that recruitment process by making a decision for yourself:

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