Command and Control Series

False Flags

I have a question for you, What is our government lying to us about? What scandals has it assuaged? What is it hiding from us?

Remember, our nation is our body and our mind is the chief governor of that nation. What lies are being told by the mind?

It is crucial that you understand that, The body follows the mind – the body is a top-down organization.

And thus we return to that tyrant within us, that dictator and insurgent-king. He would tell us many lies, if we should listen. And when we listen and obey, our freedom is taken away.

As citizens under his rule, we do not enjoy basic rights, such as freedom of speech. We begin to tell others the same lies we believe ourselves.

Therefore, we become agents working against our own nation. But because it is all based on a lie, or False Flag, we do not know that we are become traitors.

So, we must maintain control of our nation, and to accomplish this, we must be in control of our mind. This what the Command and Control Series is all about.

As discussed in a previous post, many of us are trapped in chronic sympathetic states. We are in constant states of stress and anxiety, and as a result, We lose our freedoms – specifically, our freedom to move without injury because of tight muscles and other imbalances.

So, we distract ourselves. We utilize these distractions to move the stress around rather than to eliminate it altogether. For example, watching television after work and late into the night – this interferes with our natural sleep cycles. The very nature of shift work leads to late night activity, including eating before bed.

We cannot let our government distract us. Recognize the False Flags and respond with scrutiny. Do not believe everything that your mind tells you, especially the urgent pleas to procrastinate.

Alas, a Retreat is not always the same as Defeat. We must allow our bodies to recover and that is best done each night with seven-to-nine hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Furthermore, to maintain control over the mind and body, there are specific exercises we all can perform, which change our state of consciousness – either accessing a sympathetic response in times of crisis, or a parasympathetic response preceding deep sleep and healing.

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