Command and Control Series

Hold Your Breath

Go ahead. Take a breath and hold it.

No need to take a big gulp of air. Your lungs have sufficient air in them with a normal inhalation.

Now, hold it.

Feel anything? Keep holding it in.

By now, you’re probably ready to exhale and breathe deep. Keep holding it.

Feeling panicked now? Anxious? Your sympathetic response to this situation is, “Holy sh*t!” Your body doesn’t know whether this is a threat or not.

Now, you can exhale and begin breathing regularly again.

If you took part in this exercise, you just successfully changed your state of being. You just triggered your sympathetic nervous system.

By simply controlling our breath, we are able to alter our consciousness – our state.

That is the power of breath. You can activate different parts of your nervous system by simple exercises involving only your breath.

Imagine if you were able to summon necessary strength and courage by simply breathing a certain way. That would summon your sympathetic nervous system.

Meanwhile, activating a parasympathetic response would calm you and help you access deep sleep and healing.

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