Command and Control Series

Demilitarize Our Nation

Setting out upon the Warpath means you are taking the fight to the enemy. But what if you found yourself confronted by a domestic enemy? What happens when you discover that an insurgency has taken root in your home-nation?

Consider now that we are our own nations – our borders are our flesh, and within our borders we have systems that protect and provide for us.

When we are embattled with ourselves, we are not free.

Within our nation, there are a few governors – the autonomic and somatic nervous systems – but only one ruler. Remember, the body is a top-down organization, not a democracy.

The mind will tell the body what to do. But if unable to communicate with itself, the body will rebel against the mind! The inability to communicate arises when we do not know who we are.

I have said that there are no acceptable losses along the Warpath. But for most of us, that just isn’t true. Acceptable losses are losses that do not appear to affect us in the moment. They are far away – a classroom in a Florida school, a Texas church, or a music venue in Las Vegas.

To us, these are distant battlefields upon which we have no vested interest and no connection.

We must become more connected. We must tell our stories and listen to others tell their own, and we must listen.

This is a process of remembering – the opposite of dismembering, a process in which our nation can be torn asunder from within.

A disarmament is a process by which a society disarms itself, often as a consequence – the terms of surrender, following Defeat.

We are not defeated yet. We are still alive – the body is still breathing and moving. This battle is not over.

Do not give up your arms.

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