Command and Control Series

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

Your body has been fighting for its survival since before the day you were born, and it’s gotten pretty good at it. Assuming you have a healthy nervous system, your body can take almost anything you can throw at it.

Therein lies a problem.

I’m reminded of the first scene in Apocalypse Now, in which Captain Willard (also the film’s narrator) is holed up in his apartment in Saigon. He explains that he is waiting for a mission and getting softer, “Every minute I stay in this room I get weaker and every minute charlie squats in the bush, he gets stronger.”

As you wake up every morning and eat the same old breakfast, make that same commute to work, and go about your day just like every other day, you are getting weaker.

And the enemy is getting stronger.

Even if you are dedicated to a specific exercise routine or consistent with your nutrition, that may not be enough – it may have diminishing returns.

Muscle confusion

This is really the most easily accessible concept in this post.

Instead of sticking to that tired old workout that you’ve gotten comfortable in, it’s time to switch things up. Break a few rules and add a new, dynamic movement into the mix.

For example, if you’ve been working with free weights for the last couple months, maybe it’s time to incorporate body weight exercises within those sets. I’m not telling you to stop using free weights. At the end of the set, drop into some mountain climbers or burpees.

Don’t rest between curls or squats and the mountain climbers – Stay Alive! This is going to blast your nervous system, and really get your body struggling to cope with the sudden change.

See, the body doesn’t know what is happening outside of it – you could be in a war zone or running from a jaguar in the jungle, or trying to catch the bus – all the body understands is pressure, to which it adapts.


I’m not going to sell you a juice or a powder.

When I think of detoxification, I think of a couple different methods to accomplish it: fasting, corrective dieting, and relocation of oneself.

Fasting is easy enough – skip a meal or two. Let your stomach get all leaned out – I’m not talking about body composition, I’m referring to that feeling of emptiness. Flush your system by denying it further nutrients.

Again, if you have a healthy nervous system, your body will start to regulate and distribute hormones as well as residual nutrients and fats still in the body.

Corrective dieting is a term I use to describe the proper way to “go on a diet.” Furthermore, you should never “go on a diet” – your diet consists of all that you ingest. To go on a diet would mean that you are doing something different, and you’re not.

Corrective dieting includes adding healthy foods to your diet, but taking nothing (or very little) away from your diet. Slowly, as you eat more fibrous foods, you will feel fuller and forego other foods that are devoid of nutrients.

Ensure that you vary these additional foods – do not eat apples for two months straight and call it good. Instead, go to the store and pick out a vegetable that you normally do not eat, and add it to your lunch. Next time, get a different vegetable.

Finally, relocation of oneself can be as simple as rearranging your room or house. It can also be as extreme as moving cities or to another country. Consider how the decision to alter your physical surroundings may help you detoxify your life.

For example, when you are having an argument with your partner, it is rarely within the heated back and forth that you find a solution. Instead, it is on a walk around the neighborhood or in a separate room, once you have cooled down, that you attain clarity.

Relocation can bring about cognitive change and clarity.

Break Your Wretched Loop

Your regular schedule includes behavior that is going to get you killed. Whether you will be killed spiritually, emotionally, or physically I cannot say.

What are you doing repeatedly that is making you sick and unhappy? Is it spending time with that toxic person or is it abusing a substance? Is it the way you eat? Is it the direction of your life that makes you sick every morning?

Some of us are in peril. The people who are supposed to be helping and healing us are killing us.

I would suggest looking into the writing and lectures of Jordan B. Peterson for more Light on this subject.

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