Command and Control Series

Take up a Cause

Since you are now fighting for the freedom of your nation, you have taken the first step to becoming a Leader rather than a follower. It’s not about you anymore.

During the Victory Series, we talked about Vision. Vision is a precursor to Victory. You cannot achieve Victory if you do not know what that looks like, so first you must have a Vision. Then, you must execute the Vision daily. Execution is attaining a vision.

You must do this until the war is won.

An easily accessible concept of daily efforts is fitness.

First, you set goals. Then you execute them, every day.

But what about days that you’re too busy? What happens when that insidious tyrant calmly says, We’ll do it tomorrow?

Do you remind yourself of who is counting on you? If so, you have a moral imperative to keep going.

BeCAUSE you know what there is to lose, you will make the necessary sacrifices here and now. Give In.

Allow me to indulge myself in some word-play.

You need to build a Cause-Way – a path that provides a smooth journey over otherwise inaccessible land. To expand this metaphor into reality, the path of which I speak lies in your mind, in the form of neural pathways.

Action makes these pathways broader. Inaction restricts all further access along the pathways. So, you must act.

Taking up a Cause – committing to it completely – lays the foundation for this Cause-Way, which leads directly, without deviation, to the realization of your Vision.

Notwithstanding any of the controversies surrounding the image of the flag raising on Iwo Jima, it was a reminder to those who saw the image that there was something more. We have to remind ourselves that there are others counting on us.

When it’s just you, it might be easy to consider roughing it. But once you have a nation to lead to prosperity, you’re going to need a broad path – a Cause-Way. It provides those in your care a safe and expedient path to follow.

A disclaimer, sometimes you must walk alone for a time. But I promise people are watching you – they are counting on you.

Dedicate yourself to a Cause. Commit to it. Decide you’re going to stay in it. Weather the Storm.

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