Command and Control Series

Take the High Ground, Part 2: Speak Softly…

We have addressed Taking the High Ground previously. In Part One, I alluded to the High Ground as a place of integrity and perspective. I hope that you have realized this for yourself. Nothing is more important than seeing and believing.

However, in Part One, we did not fully address the tactical advantage of taking the High Ground. That is because it is rather obvious:

When you take the High Ground, you can defend and attack without much fear of reproach. As a leader, you may find yourself in a lofty position in a chain of command.

Therefore it is important to note that you cannot launch an attack from the High Ground when you are trying to change or improve behavior among those with whom you are developing a relationship.

If you attack from a place of superiority, you will lose the interpersonal – or moral – high ground. Just because you may be right does not mean that you have the right to act with impunity.

Sometimes, upon the Warpath, friend and foe become difficult to distinguish. This only occurs if your Vision becomes more important than those supporting you. This exercise of domineering authority marks you as a tyrant.

Speak too softly, however, and your nice guy persona will result in much the same response from those you hope to lead.

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