Command and Control Series

Unexpected Light

Warcloud Light Application

I’d like you to consider different kinds of Light.

There is gradual Light and sudden Light.

Stepping into a faintly lit room takes faith, but as our eyes adjust, we perceive that the room continues to illuminate. Is the room really getting lighter? Or is this encouragement, or an ability we have, to keep going after we have started something?

Our goal should be full exposure but life is about walking a path of gradual lightening and darkening. It is important to realize this.

I would like to talk about Light where you don’t expect it and Light where you expected to find it, but it wasn’t there.

Expectations are fascinating to me. When we set expectations, they become a predestined outcome – and you should know how I feel about those by now. Of course, it is important to set expectations with others from the beginning. Otherwise, our relationships will suffer from miscommunication and misunderstanding. So the balancing trick is that they need to be realistic.

You may disagree with my next sentiment, but here goes…

You should begin lowering your expectations of others. Even setting realistic expectations only gets you so far because you are still setting your own higher order of expectations.

You may be familiar with the OODA Loop. It has been adopted by leaders of various industries, but it began with Air Force fighter pilots.

First Observing, you need to admit to yourself where you are in your relationship/situation.

By Orienting yourself, understand the limitations in the given circumstances. Be realistic.

When Deciding, remember that you are still responsible for your actions. The other person is not beholden to your perception of reality.

Then Act and you will be allowing Light to rush in so fast, you will see what wasn’t there before – the Truth.

You won’t know the Truth until it is revealed to you, and that is Perfect Light.

Within a vision, one beholds their ideal circumstances. Often times, the details of a vision can be difficult to impart to others, because they have not seen it. In fact, they will NOT see it until you do it. Don’t expect them to understand your vision if you have not started doing something about it.

Attain a Vision

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