Command and Control Series

Maneuver Warfare

Warcloud Leadership Application

In the context of Warcloud Leadership, Maneuver Warfare means developing a fluidity in your life and your relationships.

It’s obviously about moving. When you fail to move when you need to, you get killed. If you don’t move to the right position, you lose your Vision. That’s why it is crucial to have the High Ground. Don’t worry – we will discuss how to improve movement and breath a little later.

This is actually really important in relationships. Communicating effectively can be the difference between a peace treaty and another decade of war. In combat, it’s the difference between finishing the fight and giving the enemy another opportunity.

In the context of our daily lives?

Credit: BYU Pathway Worldwide

Examine the diagram above. There is a necessary balance in leadership. Jocko Willink calls it the dichotomy of leadership. In the Warcloud Elite System, we use the archetypes of the unruly tyrant and the nice guy.

The nice guy plots on the diagram at low initiative and high deference – way too high. He gives away all his authority for fear of being a micro manager and thus losing the relationships he has with those he leads. But instead he loses his authority by not sufficiently exercising it. He has placed no value in his own Vision.

The tyrant may plot in stark contrast at low deference and high initiative – again, too high. He covets his authority. His Vision is more important than anyone else’s. It is a bloody rampage along the Warpath.

Any imbalance detected on this diagram are either the result of, or merely result in, a personality disorder.

It is necessary to evaluate your personality traits and self-correct where needed. At the core of the Command and Control Series is the FREE Personality Test, which you will take at a later time. Until then…

Beware a dogmatic approach in all things. Do not buy into the idea of a predestined outcome. Change up tactics when necessary. Is the enemy’s position too heavily fortified? Do you suffer from toxic relationships? Find a way out.

Do not stay in a bad situation. Implement a new tactic.

– The Warpath

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