Command and Control Series

Operational Tempo: Recovery Time

Warcloud Fitness Application

It is important to think and act quickly, without hesitation.

Sometimes, conditions on the ground don’t make sense to just act, and “go and do.”

But if you don’t go – if you don’t just start – you’re putting yourself in a compromised position.

D-Day: “Do Day”

But I would also argue that if you give in to this idea of Making Haste, you may be running to your death.

Operational Tempo

When we think about being fast, we think about moving swiftly along the Warpath. We want to occupy that territory and not let up.

Operational tempo is not just about the speed of execution. It is the ability to recover from combat.

For our purposes, you are recovering from exercising the body, mind, and spirit.

But, How fast can you recover?

How quickly can you get your soldiers back into the action?

Over time, this rigorous tour of combat results in the breakdown of muscle fiber and micro injuries, trauma and guilt. Without proper recovery, battle fatigue sets in.

Trauma to the body results rigid patterns of behavior – our soldiers, which are our muscles, suffer poor performance, such as reduced reaction time.

And if soldiers are slow to respond to threats, they get killed. Plain and simple.

The purpose of the Command and Control Series is to properly prepare and enable you to take your rightful role as commander of your nation, lead your soldiers through battle, and achieve Victory.

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