A Security Notification

Supplemental Content posts are not core modules in the Warcloud Elite Ciriculum and can be referred to as needed.

I regret to inform you that your identity has been stolen. It is currently being used to commit countless fraudulent acts.

You are not alone. Many others have been victimized as well. In fact, our whole society has had their identities taken from them.

I just finished reading Sebastian Junger’s book Tribe and Mr Junger has proposed a fascinating, albeit bleak state of affairs in Western society.

I encourage you to read the book yourself to glean insight. I will, however, expound on what the book impressed upon me.

Being a part of a Tribe is not only about being protected yourself – it is about protecting others. This is what we have lost, somewhere along the way.

Perhaps it was when we discovered our government was corrupt. Or was it when the pioneers of our country died, and their stories folded into legend?

You see, we don’t have a story – you and I. Oh, we have our stories, but we don’t have a shared experience. At least, not one that matters.

And, because we don’t have a story, we’ve lost our imagination. Everyone desires an origin story – they want to see where someone came from – because, we don’t know where we came from.

We have become fragmented as a Tribe. It is not physical distances which separate us, it is spiritual and emotional distance – a gulf between us.

We have been stranded in an alien society, in the middle of the Galaxy, upon a vessel we have no respect for – a Mother whom we have forgot.

In the next post in our series, I would turn your thoughts back to our first mother, Eve.

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