Interstellar Cruise Ship

Supplemental Content posts are not core modules in the Warcloud Elite Ciriculum and can be referred to as needed.

You’ve been invited aboard an interstellar cruise and the course is set for Infinity.

No, this is not a hypothetical. Nor is it a metaphor. You ARE on a galactic craft, hurtling through space. It’s voyage is infinite, but your time onboard is not.

Now, what is there to do on this cruise?

Are you taking full advantage of all it has to offer? Have you left your cramped cabin quarters – your Ivory Tower – and explored outside the supressive walls of your mind, built up by traitors and assassins?

Certainly you could believe that it is a pleasure vessel, amply furnished to make all your wildest fantasies come true.

Perhaps you sit at the bar, drinking your life away.

Or do you swim in the onboard pool, missing the ocean all around you?

Have you ever considered going overboard?

That is my invitation to you, to go overboard! Take the risk and soar into the unknown. Give everything you are to a Cause!

Finally, don’t worry about going overboard. The crew of the ship will throw a rope out anytime you jump into the ocean – you can always come back if you choose.

I am talking about this society we have built: jobs, mortgages, insurance, marriage, children…it’s always going to be here. You can come back and do it anytime you want.

The barrier to entry to normal, everyday life is non-existent – they are giving that away to everyone.

But what they are not giving away, is freedom. That is something you’re going to have to take!

So, get carried away…carried away on the waves of the oceans beyond this interstellar cruise ship – those waves lap the distant shores of Victory.

Jump into the water. Fall and stumble into it if you must. You will decide whether to take the rope and pull yourself back onboard, or you’ll let yourself go and maybe, just maybe, become free.

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